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To succeed relationally starts with a choice to develop individually.

Dare to be calm.

Counseling. Coaching. Consultation.

Crossing the River

About My Approach

I use secrets of 21st Century biology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy, to facilitate the journey that all successful people go through at some point in life, to make peace with our inner child, so we can fully become the loving, connected adult we’re supposed to be.

Our Services

Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

After my cancer diagnosis, my mind was racing like a pinball in an out of control arcade game.  I needed to be able to speak to someone on a regular basis to try and make sense of it all.  Rick was willing to join me on my journey and Rocky Mountain Calm has literally extended my life and helped me savor the joy of being a great Dad.

Steve Paul

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Kris Michaels

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Frankie Bolder

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